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The DL-NIRSP Spectrograph

The DL-NIRSP spectrograph consists a near-Littrow off-axis configuration and three spectrally divided relay arms for three simultaneously observed wavelength channels.

Components of the DL-NIRSP Spectrograph include:

  • BiFOIS fiber optic integral field unit producing five parallel slits as input
  • Off axis paraboloid collimating/camera mirror
  • Remoted controlled grating turret supporting up to three reflection gratings
  • Two dichroic beam splitters and a fold mirror separating spectrograph output into three spectral bands
  • Three relay arms to transfer the three spectragraph foci to three detectors
  • Two filter wheels for each relay arm for bandpass isolation and order sorting filters
  • Spectral aperture mask to block wings of bandpass isolation filters
  • Low divergence Quartz Wollaston prisms for dual beam separation at final focal plane